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Sopra Banking Software needed to share new digital content with its collaborators in support of a live event.
We proposed to build with them a digital town that would greet their collaborators and let them access to all the exclusive information

First draft

We started this project trying to go towards a simplier idea where each user would create a ship inspired by the new SBS logo

With this ship the user would of gone around a lineary world where he/she would of met different scupltures representing the topics of the event

We also added a collectible feature where the user would track the objects/topic he/she had met and therefore have a sense of progression in the experience

Second Draft

Following initial exchanges with the client, it became evident that they were seeking a more expansive concept. The suggestion of a city resonated positively. This idea seamlessly aligned with their live event program, resulting in a perfect fit.

The concept aimed to provide a preview of the live event on the platform while simultaneously allowing attendees to experience a metaphorical representation, creating a more immersive and engaging virtual presence.

Final Design

The town is divided in different districts with each district representing and showcasing a specific topic of the event. The user can either navigate freely by drag and dropping. Or use a “City map” which is top view of the town

Each district has its own design and are composed by different buildings inspired by architects like Shigeru Ban

3D Onboarding

When onboarding you are suggested to create your own avatar for the experience. 

It was then used as a way to identify in the experience

Let’s Connect

We're always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of creativity, and we're excited to see what we can accomplish together.

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